September 10, 2013



Thank you for your interest in WiSE! We hire volunteers and First Year Interns in September.

Check back soon for an application!


Are you interested in becoming a role model and teaching science and engineering to kids?

WiSE hires outreach volunteers for our Winston Churchill program, Boys and Girls Club program, EngSci Day, Girl Guides Day, and/or the High School Outreach program! For more details on these programs, check out our outreach page.

The volunteer position descriptions can be found here


First Year Interns will be exposed to the variety of programs that WiSE runs and be involved in the planning processes. This position entails rotating through our programs and working with different program coordinators throughout the year to gain experience. In addition, Interns will attend committee meetings in which they can input their ideas.

More information about the First Year Intern position can be found here.


Please email the President, Vice-President or Outreach directors if you have any questions.

Jill Koebel

Kenzie Spence

Chelsey Kurylo & Amy Shelton