August 3, 2019



The “How to be WiSE Podcast” is the newest project from Queen’s WiSE! HTBW is a bi-weekly podcast featuring exclusive interviews from inspirational women working, teaching, and studying in STEM fields. The interviewees will vary from professors and students at Queen’s to industry professionals. We all have a common goal here at the HTBW Podcast – to inspire and empower women and young girls. If you have an interest in science, engineering, or just want to know more about what amazing things women can do – this podcast is for you! Episodes will be released every second Monday at 6 PM! Like our page and subscribe to the podcast through Spotify, Google Podcasts, iTunes, Stitcher and RSS.

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In this new season of the WiSE podcast, co-hosts Laura and Skylar interview Kenzie and Jill, the presidential team of WiSE for the 2019-2020 school year. Jill is in her fourth year of Life Sciences while Kenzie is in her 5th year of Biomechanical Engineering. Both Kenzie and Jill experienced some difficulty when choosing their path at Queen’s and ended up switching into their current areas of study after their first few years of university. They each discuss how these experiences have provided them with a greater ability to overcome setbacks no matter how big they seem at the time. Kenzie is working on a design project in which she is developing a discrete breast pump for the working mom. This prompts conversation amongst the group about the stigma surrounding working moms and how devices such as the one Kenzie is designing make aspects of being a mom easier while also allowing women to continue on without facing judgement from their peers. 

Co-hosts Shauna and Samantha interview Dr. Louise Meunier – an assistant professor in the department of chemical engineering at Queen’s University. In her undergrad, Dr. Meunier was among the first wave of women to study at RMC. Dr. Meunier walks through her decision to return to academia after years of working as an aerospace engineer with the military, and what she learned along the way. Meunier’s current research focuses on toxicity of contaminants in soil and risk assessment in environmental and human health and remarks that working on a project that was environmentally motivated was a priority to her while she was completing her PhD. In response to Samantha’s concerns regarding feeling unsure of her capabilities after graduation Dr. Meunier remarks that this sentiment is commonly held by women notably stating “the only thing that is left is for you to convince yourself. You are probably more qualified than you think you are”.

Hallie Prescott and Leanne Dube were the external and internal vice presidents of WiSE respectively during the 2018-19 academic year. Alongside co-hosts Shauna and Samantha,  the pair discuss their roles within WiSE and the decision to introduce two vice presidents this year. Hallie and Leanne speak on their experiences with choosing a degree. Hallie remarks that having more information about the various degree and career options that are available to students with an interest in STEM would have aided her decision making process. Leanne notes the disparity between the large quantity of women in chemical engineering compared to the few that she has encountered in industry but remains optimistic that “we’re coming, we’re building”. 

Dr. Roshni Rainbow is an Assistant professor in the department of mechanical engineering here at Queen’s University. In this episode Dr. Rainbow discusses how an unspoken freedom to fail has allowed her to navigate academia and establish her career. She outlines her experience with uncertainty as a young academic and how she continues to meet students who are also unsure of what to do after their degree. Dr. Rainbow goes on to speak about her experience at Queen’s and her belief that the impact of professors can extend beyond the classroom through advising and encouraging students. 

Hosts Samantha and Shauna sit down with Meghann Grenier to discuss her initial involvement in WiSE and her journey to becoming club president for the 2018-19 school year. Grenier speaks on her experience with imposter syndrome as a young woman in STEM, both at a prestigious university and in industry. Griener regards the positive impact that WiSE has had on her confidence and concludes by discussing the various ways people can get involved in WiSE – noting the significance each role has on club operations and the empowerment of women in STEM. 


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