December 15, 2012

Mentorship Program


The WiSE mentorship program is back! Our mentorship program pairs undergraduate students studying science or engineering with either upper-year students or women in academia and industry. Primarily, the program seeks to foster positive relationships between women in STEM field, as well as provide resources for students beginning to pursue these fields.

The program will consist of meeting with your mentor twice a month, by Skype, phone, or face-to-face. Mentors are recruited from women alumna and other interested professionals, and you would be matched based on the career interests you identify. Additionally, upper-year students can apply to become student mentors to help smooth the transition to university for younger students.



As a mentee, it is your responsibility to define your personal objectives and what you wish to gain from your mentor. A high degree of professionalism is required, and you will be expected to initiate and follow through with your communications, set concrete goals, apply your learning, and give your Mentor feedback on how she has helped you.

As a Mentor, your role is to foster a stimulating relationship with your mentee, assist in the development of specific skills, and acquire knowledge to facilitate professional and personal growth. You should challenge your mentee to go beyond their comfort zone, and provide appropriate guidance and feedback.


Please email the Mentorship Program directors if you have any questions.

Lyn Chen & Kristyn Lang